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“Wine and Chocolate Benefits Questioned, New Study Says”

I am certain that all of you have heard that there is a magical antioxidant, found in red wine, grapes, peanuts, certain berries and chocolate, which will make you live a longer, heart healthy life.  It is called resveratrol and it has even been dubbed a “fountain of youth” pill available at your local dietary supplement store.  Resveratrol annual sales in the U.S. have reached $30 million. Once again, we are finding that we have been duped into believing in a miraculous pill to counter aging, cancer and heart disease.  The latest study was conducted in the Chianti wine-making region of Italy and Johns Hopkins investigators found that high levels of resveratrol, as measured by urinary levels, did not correlate with increased longevity or lower risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease. Also, resveratrol failed to lower markers of inflammation, cancer or heart disease.

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