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“The Down Side of Antioxidants”

In 1999, confused scientist, Lester Packer, wrote “The Antioxidant Miracle” and stated categorically (but erroneously) that certain “pills” (antioxidants) could prevent cancer, extend you life span, improve your sex life and keep your skin supple and wrinkle free.  Packer’s name became so closely linked to the study of antioxidants that he was dubbed “Dr. Antioxidant” by some of his sycophantic colleagues.  He said that antioxidants protect us from damage caused by free radicals, which can injure healthy cells and tissues.  His biggest exaggeration was to say that free radicals were causal factors in nearly every known disease, from heart disease to arthritis to cancer to cataracts.  He believed by controlling free radicals, antioxidants could make the difference between life and death and could help prevent and reverse nearly all diseases.  But, later research would prove that his glowing predictions were off by a country mile.  Packer was not alone in his hyped praise for antioxidants.

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