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“Supplements Get Hit Again”

People can hardly turn on their television sets without being bombarded with a barrage of supplement advertisements hawking their miraculous qualities, like preventing cancer, heart disease, stroke, increasing memory and life span.  It is, indeed, ironic that the very vitamins and supplements you have been encouraged to take may be causing the very harmful conditions they were promoted as helping to cure or prevent.  Please make no mistake about it, antioxidants and some other supplements have side effects that include increased risk for cancer, heart disease, stokes, and increasing mental decline and reducing the life span.  It is one thing that over 500 scientific studies show that these supplements are no more effective than dummy pills but it is quite another when over 170 of these studies show their harmful and deadly unintentional consequences.   Unscrupulous marketers of such harmful products, such as the popular Dr. Oz, rarely point out these dangers or caveats.

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