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“Some Foods Not As Bad As Claimed”

We are constantly warned about eating harmful foods. However, many may not be as harmful as claimed. Some foods are best eaten in moderation rather than eliminated entirely from the diet. Fried Foods. In North America, 25-36% of adults consume foods, usually fried, from fast food restaurants every day. Moderation and variety with any food is the key to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Total fried food consumption of at least one serving per day was associated with a modestly higher but not significant risk of cardiovascular mortality. Over-consumption gets you into trouble so enjoy fried foods in moderation. Meat. The newly revised Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, recommend that we limit our intake of red and processed meats, stating they are “in and of themselves, associated with detrimental health outcomes.” What remains up for debate is the amount of red meat consumption that is considered safe. Some evidence suggests that moderate amounts of meat may offer health benefits. For 12 centuries, the consumption of meat was largely banned in Japan, for religious and health reasons. This changed in the period following World War II when intake of animal products began to increase. According to an article published in Nature in 2020, one of the reasons for Japan’s high rates of cerebrovascular mortality was that people were not getting enough cholesterol, which is an important part of building strong blood vessel walls.

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