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“Six Foods To Eat At Your Own Risk”

Moderation and variety with any food is the key to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some foods to intentionally avoid at all costs. Certain foods that are unhealthy and it’s not always obvious which ones they are. So, here are six that need recognition. 1) Doughnuts. Some claim doughnuts are not intended for human consumption. One single glazed doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts packs a whopping 14 g of fat, which equals 22% of your recommended daily intake (RDA). Unbelievably, it would take the average person 70 minutes of walking at 3 miles per hour to burn off one glazed doughnut. 2) Processed deli meats. Preservatives are the main difference in processed versus unprocessed meats, with sodium levels being about 400 times higher in processed meats. Too much sodium is bad for you. Researchers of a meta-analysis found a moderate positive correlation between processed meat consumption and mortality—not only from cardiovascular disease but cancer as well.  To see the rest of the list, please download the complete article.

Download the complete article (a PDF).