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“Niacin Fails To Protect Against Heart Disease”

Heart disease is a major problem and there are many unfounded claims about how to prevent or treat vessel blockage or hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis).  Heart disease has even been found in 4,000 year old mummies.  Cholesterol-lowering statins have been pushed on the public for years.  But, according to Johns Hopkins investigators, giving these strong drugs for “preventative-measures only” to healthy adults is not recommended and only those with calcium buildup in their arteries have a clear benefit from statin therapy.  They said, “The statin drugs should not be approached like diet and exercise as a broadly based solution for preventing coronary heart disease.”   A JAMA report found in statin users, “Only one fewer patient would experience a heart attack or other cardiovascular problem for every 155 patients treated for a year — and there would be one additional case of diabetes for every 498 patients treated.”  Statins have long been known to cause severe muscle pain that can lead to breakdown of muscle with kidney failure and even death.

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