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“Niacin Fails Heart Attack And Stroke Study”

For years we have been told that niacin (one of the B vitamins) has great clinical benefit in reducing heart attacks, strokes and the progression of atherosclerosis (plaque formation). We have been inundated with commercials extolling the benefits of raising our HDL (a high density lipoprotein, which is supposed to fight artery build-up by carrying fats to the liver to be disposed of). And, we have been brainwashed to believe that LDL (a low density lipoprotein) exacerbates the progression of atherosclerosis and artery blockages. Yet, in 2007, drug companies aggressively pushed block buster drugs to allegedly save you from hardening of the arteries by raising so-called “good cholesterol (HDL)” and lowering supposedly “bad cholesterol (LDL).”

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