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“More Voices Speak Against Vitamin Fraud”

False advertising for vitamins, antioxidants, “super foods”, nutraceuticals, vitamin-enhanced waters and sports drinks are everywhere.  Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, director of the Antioxidant Research Lab at Tufts University, says, “There’s no scientific or regulatory definition of ‘super fruit.’ It can mean anything—therefore, it’s meaningless.”  Two recent lawsuits have challenged manufacturer claims about antioxidants, alleging that product labels are misleading consumers.  A class-action lawsuit filed in November 2012 against the makers of 7Up Cherry Antioxidant Soda claimed that the packaging and marketing could lead consumers to think that the antioxidants in the soft drink come from fruit.  Another class-action lawsuit, filed in April 2012 against Hershey, alleges that the chocolate giant makes “misleading” and “unlawful” claims regarding antioxidants.  Both companies have publicly denied any wrongdoing.

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