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Mission & Values

Quality • Speed • Passion

At U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation, our core values are what we stand for, what we prize, what we seek in people we hire, and what we demand from each other. They are:

  • Quality of scientific investigations
  • Speed of execution
  • Passion for improving the lives of patients and disease prevention

As a science-driven business, our success depends on maintaining the highest standards of quality in realizing the potential of our products to benefit patients. Our focus on the highest standards of quality extends to all the work we do.
As a fierce competitor in an intensely competitive industry, our success depends on our ability to execute quickly and effectively – to set, meet, and exceed aggressive milestones and goals. Patients desperately need our drugs, once their safety has been established.

And finally, as people who are in this industry and at this organization to make a difference, we are united by our desire to improve the lives of severely ill patients and to prevent others from getting these diseases. Disease prevention is also a major goal.

Our core values shape who we are today and the organization we will become in the years ahead.


The U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation mission is to cure and prevent disease and to extend and enhance the lives of patients by discovering, developing, and commercializing breakthrough products for severe medical conditions. Our goal is to create a national medical research organization that is a center for scientific and operational excellence.

While our strategy, our plan for achieving our mission, must be flexible enough to adapt to new results from our research or changes in the marketplace, the core beliefs expressed in our guiding principles do not change. These principles reflect our values and underlie how we treat each other and the judgment each of us must show in the choices we face every day. They are the key to the long-term success of U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation.

We believe that following these principles will lead to better lives for our patients and rewarding careers for our future employees.

All of us will succeed if we maintain integrity, passion and creativity, which is based on solid scientific data.