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“Johnson and Johnson Facing Devastating Lawsuits”

J&J, based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, faces talc-related lawsuits by 6,610 plaintiffs nationally, largely based on claims of developing ovarian cancer by using its products for feminine hygiene. J&J, which had $76.5 billion in sales in 2017. In February of 2016, a jury found J&J talcum powder contributed to a 62-yr old woman’s ovarian cancer and awarded her $72 million for compensatory damages. Another $62 million in punitive damages was awarded to her family members, as she died last fall. Then, in May of 2016, another woman was awarded $55 million in damages after talc imbedded in her ovaries was found to have contributed to her cancer. Still, manufacturers of talc-containing products, such as J&J and its Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products, have refused to acknowledge the link between talc and ovarian cancer and have failed to adequately warn consumers of the risks. In five trials in Missouri involving ovarian cancer lawsuits, juries found J&J liable
four times and awarded the plaintiffs a total of $307 million. In California, a jury awarded a now-deceased woman $417 million. But in October, a Missouri appellate court threw out the first verdict there for $72 million and a California judge tossed the $417 million verdict. J&J is seeking to reverse the other verdicts. Asbestos claims are a more recent challenge for J&J.

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