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“Howes’ Illnesses of the Famous: Whitney Houston”

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born in 1963 in Newark, New Jersey and little did she know of the tumultuous and, at times, chaotic life ahead of her.  Her life and early death tell a cautionary tale of success countered by turmoil and overindulgence.  As a teen fashion model, she  appeared on the cover of Glamour.  Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, recorded “Midnight Train To Georgia” years before Gladys Knight and Cissy was a member of the Sweet Inspirations, who backed up Elvis Presley. Whitney was a natural for entertainment with cousins such as Dionne and Dee Dee Warick and her early career was managed by her father, who, before his 2003 death, unsuccessfully sued her for past due compensation.  She had two miscarriages, one in 1994 and another in 1996.  Many of these early on factors may have led to the rumors of an eating disorder and her more obvious drug problems and her trips in and out of rehab over the years.

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