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“Holiday Weight Gain and Tips to Avoid It”

Many of us are desperate to avoid further weight gain, especially during the holiday season.  But, since most diets do not assure long term weight loss, how do we do it?  Here are a few suggestions that seem to help.  First, you do not have to wrap your body in seaweed or forever eat cabbage soup to lose weight sensibly.  Nearly all overweight people have tried countless “tricks” to lose weight, only to gain it all back, plus some. The old adage of “calories in versus calories out” is certainly key to a successful weight loss attempt if it is combined with a sensible exercise program.  Still, this life style is hard to maintain over a period of years, especially when we are surrounded by tantalizing and delicious foods over the holidays.  So, what is one to do?  Life Science has put together a few diet tricks that should help, starting with avoidance of corn syrup (less than 25 grams a day).

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