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“Healthcare and Unrealistic Expectations”

Healthcare costs are rising at meteoric rates and there is no end in sight.  America now spends $2.6 trillion per year on healthcare and with the introduction the Affordable Healthcare Act, costs are going to jettison into outer space.  As I have previously said, “The only thing wrong with the Affordable Healthcare Act is that it is unaffordable.”  In 2009, I had addressed the ominous situation with the bankrupt-moribund status of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the dying multi-billion dollar indebted postal system, life support for Medicare and Medicaid and the slow death of our social security system.  None of these have gotten better and all are headed for the intensive care unit.  When it comes to government run programs, inefficiency, wasteful spending, cost over-runs and corruption are plastered all over them in box car letters.  Of even more concern to Louisianans, the state where we pay the most for healthcare and get the least (“the 2nd-unhealthiest state”), our constitution requires that the state budget is balanced by cutting healthcare and education.

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