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“ Exercise: How Much is enough ?”

Exercise has repeatedly been shown to have a wide spectrum of health benefits.  Exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of most major diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, strokes, obesity and diabetes.  But, just how much is enough to maintain or improve your overall health?  Many health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week.  Some authors have even considered housework to be adequate but the BMC Public Health study, which surveyed over 4,500 adults, found those who counted housework were heavier than those who did other activities.  They found that house work and DYI (do it yourself activity) are not strenuous enough to count towards the 150 minute weekly target.  Prof Marie Murphy said, “Either people are overestimating the amount of moderate intensity physical activity they do through housework, or are eating too much to compensate for the amount of activity undertaken.”  People who get the 150 minutes of weekly exercise or more may live for up to several years longer than those who do not.

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