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“Ebola: Are They Hiding Something ?”

Countless health experts and doctors have stated categorically reassured us and stated that Ebola can not be transmitted via the air (airborne).  These are know as “talking points” and are designed to prevent panic amongst the population.  But, are they accurate?  My initial response was that I would believe Drs. Fauci and the others, if they would allow an Ebola infected patient to cough or sneeze in their face.  That has not happened and likely never will.  These same so-called experts also further guaranteed us that to become infected, one would have to have direct contact with bodily fluids (vomit, urine, feces) of an infected individual.  Yet, there have been many instances of healthcare workers and doctors becoming infected, while fully protected inside protocol approved attire, and in which there is no logical explanation for their plight.  Also, there have been new cases of Ebola in patients not known to have been in contact with an active Ebola infection. Curiously, according to The Post newspaper, on 10/30/14, the CDC quickly snatched a poster off its Web site explaining how Ebola can be spread by contaminated droplets – from a sneeze for example – a day after The Post reported on the frightening revelation.

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