“Diets: Is There Science Support”

Seventy percent of American adults are overweight and more than 35% are obese. So, people are looking for a safe, healthy and effective weight loss diet. Unfortunately, many turn to the internet for information or “misinformation.” For certain, diets come and go. Some trending diet plans are nothing more than fads with little scientific support. Let’s check out a few. Overall, a careful scientific analysis of both traditional and nontraditional diets shows that neither can guarantee long term weight loss. In short, most people who lose weight, after a while, tend to return to their same old diet and habits that caused their weight gain in the first place. For patients whose weight is addressed by their physicians, they tend to hear the tried-and-true mantra of “diet and exercise.” An analysis of the 2005–2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was performed and it showed that physicians need to reaffirm that diet and exercise are better methods for weight loss.

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