“COVID-19 Misinformation is Everywhere”

Tragically, we have been leading our lives based on lies and misinformation, as it regards the coronavirus pandemic.  Millions live in abject fear and America turned into a police state.  Medicine is moving through a chaotic and uncertain time.  The COVID19 virus is the third world-impacting coronavirus outbreak to strike humans in the past 20 years.  The past decade has also seen severe outbreaks of Ebola, Zika, avian influenza, chikungunya, and other threatening viruses.  And we are only four decades removed from the emergence of the still raging global HIV/AIDS epidemic that has killed more than 30 million people.  Multiple other animal viruses have recently spilled over into humans and caused high mortality, but we survived those without being significantly misled by so-called experts.  The CDC admitted they screwed up COVID19 infection counts and intentionally misled the public and have apologized, clarifying that the amount of people truly infected is much lower than what was originally reported.  The American Coronavirus Task Force also admitted to fudging the National COVID19 death count when Dr. Birx said the deaths are people who died “with” COVID19 not “from” COVID19, thus making the real death count much lower than what is currently being reported.

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