“Covid-19 Has Changed Medical Practices”

The effects of COVID-19 extend far beyond our physical wellbeing, are altering medicine overall and some of these changes will stay long after the crisis is over. The best hope anyone has to survive and thrive in a post-COVID world is to brace for “the new normal,” whatever that may be. And it may be a far cry from the old normal. There’s no telling how much—or little—this pandemic will affect hospitals, clinics, and physicians in the long term. But the evidence that some effects will become permanent is compelling. Physicians will operate in a healthcare system altered by financial ruin, technology, and other evolutions spurred by the pandemic. Here are four changes that experts believe will occur. 1) Clinics and Hospitals Close. The American Hospital Association estimates that COVID-19 has collectively cost US hospitals more than $50 billion per month since March. By mid-August, at least 18 US hospitals had closed this year.

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