“Cancer Killed By Peroxide Produced From Vitamin C”

Cancer is rapidly gaining on heart disease as the number one killer in America and some of the things we do can make cancer worse. Large clinical trials have found that antioxidant supplements, which many gobble down daily, can worsen some cancers. Antioxidants can block the killing of leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and human cancers of the breast, lung pancreas, liver, colon, rectum and endometrium. This was shocking since antioxidants are widely claimed to be beneficial. In my book, Danger of Excessive Antioxidants in Cancer Patients, I clearly demonstrated the harmful effects of antioxidants in cancer patients. I found twenty-seven (27) types of human cancer cell types and nine (9) murine (rodent) cancer cell types that can be killed by reactive oxygen species and in which the killing can be blocked by antioxidants, thereby providing antioxidant protection and shielding of the cancer cells. Antioxidants also increase the spread of cancer cells (metastasis). I have extensively researched the role of prooxidants in the killing of cancer and presented my findings in my book, Cancer Killing, Suppression and Protection: The Howes Answer to Cancer, available at amazon.com. Studies over the past decade have repeatedly substantiated my theory. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is usually considered to be an antioxidant but it also can be a prooxidant when in high concentrations or in the presence of metal compounds.

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