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“Cancer: Can it Spontaneously Disappear ?”

Previously, I have discussed the turbo-charging of cancer cells by antioxidants and of the fact that more than half of all people born in 1960 will develop cancer at some point in their lives.  We are stunned to know that, for men, the risk of developing cancer is one in two, especially for cancers of the bowel, prostate and skin (melanoma).  Further, I have told you that some forms of immunotherapy can cost over one million dollars a year and that cancer cells can be induced to commit suicide.  Now, I want to discuss the subject of “spontaneous regression (SR)” of cancer.  Spontaneous regression of cancer is defined as a complete or partial, temporary or permanent disappearance of tumor or cancer in the absence of any specific therapy. Spontaneous regression (SR) of cancer is an unusual event, but many people will recount stories of someone they knew who had experienced the spontaneous disappearance of cancer.

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