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“Can Good HDL Cholesterol Have A Nasty Side ?”

Shockingly, in 2013, a major healthcare task force (American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association) found “no specific scientific evidence to support specific treatment goals for either LDL or HDL cholesterol.”  Claims have been that LDL cholesterol is “bad” because it is deposited in the walls of arteries and causes hard plaques that can cause blockages, resulting in heart attacks and stroke.  Whereas, HDL cholesterol is “good” because the cholesterol is instead shipped to the liver.  With campaigns of persuasion by drug companies, patients had been misled to believe that their HDL and LDL levels were direct determinants of heart disease and strokes; i.e., high LDL was a sure-fire indicator of impending arteriosclerosis and heart disease but it could be offset by a high HDL.  Many patient’s lives were controlled by their misguided attempts to achieve low LDL and high HDL numbers.

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