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” Caffeine and Energy Drink Safety “

Despite the decrease in soda consumption, sales of energy drinks are soaring.  Many of these so-called energy drinks (Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar) rely on caffeine to produce the notion of increased energy and it does so by stimulating the central nervous system.  The only time Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explicitly approved the added use of caffeine in a food or drink was in the 1950s for colas. The current popularity and expansion of caffeine added to foods is “beyond anything FDA envisioned or recommended.”  Food companies are investing in snacks like potato chips, jelly beans and gum, with a caffeinated kick, to boost your energy level.  However, the FDA is taking a close look at this bothersome trend.  There have already been consumer reports of deaths from overuse of energy drinks or energy shots.  These caffeine containing products are also being pushed and marketed to children.

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