“Brett Favre May Be Drawn into Pain Cream Scandal”

Brett Favre’s name has surfaced in the latest chapter of the federal government’s ongoing investigation into pain creams concocted and sold by compounding pharmacies.  According to a report by Robert Lowes in Medscape Medical News, Favre may be in trouble.  In January 2016, federal and state law enforcement agents raided compounding pharmacies in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Utah, according to the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Some $15 million in assets were seized in the raids, including 24 vehicles, five planes, and two boats.  According to WAPT TV, one of the pharmacies was Aspire Pharmacy Compounding in Jackson, Mississippi. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was investigating a compounding pharmacy in Jackson, Mississippi, called World Health Industries, which does business as Aspire Rx.  That company, a division of Aspire Health, makes a compounded pain cream called Rx Pro that Brett Favre, new inductee into the National Football League Hall of Fame, has promoted in television and print ads. For years, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been investigating compounding pharmacies and their accomplices nationwide that participate in what one federal prosecutor calls a “systemic fraud” against TRICARE, the healthcare program for members of the armed services and their families.

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