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“Aspirin Therapy Still Controversial”

Although the results of recent studies of low dose aspirin for the prevention of cancer appear to be promising, some still do not recommend it because of the associated dangers of bleeding.  In 2012, an article in the British Journal of Cancer found that taking a daily aspirin could cut the chances of dying from bowel cancer by about one third. Experts studied 4,500 patients who were taking low dose aspirin, 80 mg or less daily.  But, experts said it is too soon to start routinely offering it for bowel cancer.  However, a very impressive amount of data already suggests aspirin might prevent certain cancers from developing in the first place and recent work suggests aspirin might also work as a cancer therapy, whereby it slows down or prevents cancer spread.  Yet, aspirin can also have unpleasant and dangerous side effects, causing irritation of the stomach lining and internal bleeding in a very small minority of patients. 

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