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“Antioxidant Failures in 2012”

With Dr. Oz hawking dietary supplements on a daily basis, one could get the impression that they are the key to cure all diseases and to reverse aging.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A New Orleans television station carries the daily Dr. Oz infomercial, which amounts to nothing more than an hour long advertorial for a wide range of supplements.  He never points out the fact that scientific studies have repeatedly shown that supplements do not replace natural fresh fruits and vegetables, nor do they have the same beneficial effect as fresh foods.  One day of the week, that same television station follows with a news broadcast, in which a local supplement salesman is given a five minute feature spot to hype even more supplements upon an unknowing and trusting audience.  Both of these bogus presentations are done under the impression that they are presenting the overwhelming conclusions of careful scientific studies and the reigning opinion of the medical profession; but, they are not. 

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