“Alcohol Is Under Severe Scientific Scrutiny”

The alcohol industry is a commanding lobbying and marketing powerhouse. Yet, study after study is pointing to alcohol as being a cause of a variety of cancers and the debunking of its reported heart and cardiovascular benefits. Previously, I have said, “we must remember that any reduction in alcohol consumption will lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer risk.  Health information campaigns are ineffective against the powerful marketing-forces pushing alcohol. The life you save may be your own.” The evidence showing lower risks for diabetes mellitus, stroke, heart failure, and total mortality stand in stark contrast to the harms associated with excessive alcohol consumption. No one should be pushing and condoning the consumption of alcohol. Organizations in New Zealand are also taking action. The New Zealand Medical Association, the Cancer Society of New Zealand, and the National Heart Foundation have all adopted evidence-based position statements that “debunk” cardiovascular benefits as a motivation to drink and that highlight cancer risks.

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