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“Supplements Risk Severe Liver Damage”

New supplement studies warn of the risk of severe liver damage secondary to ingestion of body-building and weight-loss supplements.  Some supplement victims are requiring liver transplants.  Americans will pay premium prices to swallow darned near anything, especially if it is pushed by Dr. Oz.  Estimates vary but we spend up to a whopping $27 billion annually on supplements that have not been tested for safety, effectiveness or quality.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can not regulate our medicines properly, let alone the additional load of the supplement industry.  So, I encourage you to educate yourself on the dangers of supplements.  Clearly, those making a profit from the sales of supplements are not going to hurt their bottom line by fully informing you.  People buy them because they have been misled to believe that these products really are “ancient Chinese discoveries,” “anti-aging pills,”  “instant weight loss medicines” “body building dreams come true” or “miracle cures” that orthodox medicine wants to hide from us. 

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