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“Statin Risks Expand’

Please remember that all medications have risks.  So, we must continue to follow the data indicating possible harm from popular medications, such as the cholesterol-lowering statins (Lipitor, atorvastatin; Crestor, rosuvastatin; Zocor, simvastatin; Mevacor and Pravachol). Statins are multibillion dollar drugs and are taken by over seventy million Americans. Cholesterol studies have been confusing and the data has frequently has been contradictory. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola DO, one in four Americans over the age of 45 are now taking a daily cholesterol lowering statin drug, despite the fact that there are over 900 studies proving their adverse effects, which includes everything from memory loss, to muscle problems to diabetes and increased cancer risk.  The Japanese Lipid Intervention Trial of 47,000 simvastin treated patients found that the highest death rate was in those whose cholesterol levels were below 160 mg/dl.

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