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“Statin Pushers And The Public”

The huge pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) are incredibly adept with their “campaigns of persuasion” and the marketing of their frequently dubious products.  One cholesterol-lowering drug, Lipitor, became the best-selling drug in the history of pharmaceuticals, even though it barely made it to the patient testing phase.  Lipitor went on sale in 1997 and joined three blockbuster cholesterol-lowering (statin) drugs, which were making over $1 billion annually.  Lipitor gained a foot-hold and went on to sell more than $125 billion over 14 1/2 years.  Its sales were so meteoric that it was nicknamed “turbostain” by industry insiders and provided about 25% of the annual revenue of Pfizer Inc.  The aggressive Lipitor sales teams utilized new standards for a marketing campaign.  Family physicians and cardiologists were repeatedly visited and the public was smothered with advertising claims of the wondrous abilities of Lipitor at lowering cholesterol levels.

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