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“Resveratrol Loses Enthusiasm”

Just as other antioxidants have proven to be ineffective, such is the current case for the ever popular resveratrol, the component of red wine that was touted to have anti-aging properties. It has even been hyped as a miraculous “fountain of youth in a pill.” Seventy five million baby boomers are looking for such a quick fix but recent studies have debunked resveratrol’s unjustified reputation. In January of 2011, the New York Times published an article about GlaxoSmithKline’s decision to cancel further clinical trials of resveratrol. In recent years, the evidence linking resveratrol to anti-aging proteins (“sirtuins”) has been seriously challenged. Resveratrol was believed to work by activation of a protein called SIRT1, but at some doses, it actually inhibits SIRT1. The original work supporting resveratrol and activation of SIRT1 was found to be an artifact of the scientific fluorescent dye assay used in the study and this work has been verified by Amgen and confirmed by Pfizer.

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