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Our History

U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation may need a joint venture with a company to discover and develop novel drug candidates. This joint venture, structured as a majority-owned U.S.-based subsidiary of U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation parent company, could bring together two essential elements for successful drug discovery: the scale, financial commitment, and chemistry expertise of the corporate partner; and the biochemical expertise of the founder’s, leading scientist, Dr. Randolph Howes.

U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation does not resemble a traditional biotechnology company, which is often founded based on one particular technology or product and may have a limited spectrum of pharmaceutical development capabilities. As a result, U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation has a diversified pipeline of potential drug candidates, and the full set of capabilities necessary to develop products from target identification through lead optimization, preclinical development, and clinical trials.

Our unique history has allowed us to combine the high-energy culture and exciting growth opportunities of a new biotechnology research organization, with the drug development assets and expertise of a mature scientific and pharmaceutical organization.