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“Obama-care Debacle”

As I see it, the major problem with the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care) is that it is not affordable; after all, America is broke.  To get the legislation passed, President Obama said it would cost about $900 billion over the next ten years, but experts say it will cost  between $1.7 – $2.6 trillion.  Sure, we espouse the lofty goal that our citizens need medical protection in the event of catastrophic illnesses and that healthcare costs should not bankrupt anyone.  But, a misguided healthcare boondoggle should not be allowed to bankrupt the entire country.  Besides, where are the additional doctors going to come from to take care of another 30 million people?  Obama-care is another political prank to assure votes for those doling out the so-called freebies.  But who is going to pay for them?  Will the President print more funny money or make more loans from China? 

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