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“Nutrition is a World of Conflicted Studies”

Nothing is more confusing to people than to read the conflicted studies concerning nutrition and diet. It appears that the conclusion of these conflicted studies changes with the direction of the wind. Sadly, people live their lives based on these non-proven studies. Take, for instance, the changing notions involving studies on eating eggs, drinking whole milk, eating fats, eating fried foods, eating red meat, or consuming energy drinks. All of the confusion leads people to doubt the so-called scientific nutrition studies coming out on a daily basis and grabbing alarming headlines. So, what can we do? Many authors recommend that nutrition education be made compulsory for all medical students. Nutritional education for medical students must be improved and made a compulsory and meaningful part of the curriculum. Worldwide, 11 million deaths annually are attributable to poor diet, making it the leading risk factor for death across the world. Accordingly, many countries recommend that doctors apply nutrition knowledge in practice to support patients to manage lifestyle-related chronic disease and other diet-related conditions. However, these findings suggest that nutrition in medical education is lacking in all countries studied. Worldwide, nutrition is insufficiently incorporated into medical education, meaning that medical students lack the confidence, skills and knowledge to provide nutritional care to patients, according to a systematic review of 24 studies published in The Lancet Planetary Health journal.

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