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“New Dietary Recommendations: Do They Make Sense?”

It seems as though we are supposed to believe dietary recommendations as if they are “gospel”, but that is not the case. The guidelines for what we are advised to eat frequently change and leave us scratching our heads. Experts make the “dietary recommendations” appear to be chiseled in stone, but, in the past, we have repeatedly found that we had been adhering to flawed and scientifically unsupported recommendations. Please remember that in the US, approximately 155 million individuals are overweight or obese and 117 million individuals have chronic, preventable diseases. So, diets are important. In February of 2015, an “expert panel” (the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, DGAC) released its new recommendations to the US government for what they now consider to be healthy eating in a 570-page report, that allegedly provides some new advice and supports a pattern that promotes health and disease prevention. Haven’t we heard that before?  I can sum up their report this way: forget cholesterol, cut sugar and salt and children should drink water instead of pop or energy drinks.

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