“Neither Eggs nor Cholesterol Linked to Dementia”

Even though cholesterol-lowering drug companies push the notion that they need to “statinize” the planet, there is a lot of conflicted scientific data on the subject. Actually, there is some scientific evidence that higher cholesterol levels can be linked to varied health and survival benefits.  Equally important, the cost of driving down cholesterol to basement levels – in terms of money, effort, and side effects – might not be worth the payoff for relatively healthy people. Still, in recent years, we were admonished from eating eggs because of their high cholesterol content and the subsequent development of cardiovascular disease and dementia. But, new research shows that eating an egg a day is not linked to an increased risk for memory problems and may even improve cognitive performance. In a cohort study of almost 2,500 men from Finland, neither high egg intake nor high dietary cholesterol was significantly associated with the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD) after 22 years of follow-up — in the full group as well as in those who specifically carried the potentially dangerous APOE ε4 gene variant.

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