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“Howes’ Illnesses of the Famous: William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton”

No doubt, all US Presidents have a very difficult job and we have seen them literally “age right before our eyes.” Although it is kept hush-hush, many have had serious medical conditions, which come to light after their terms in office.  Bill Clinton was the 42nd US President, serving from 1993-2001.  Bill’s family medical history showed his father died in a drowning accident and his mother had breast cancer and no eyebrows – she had to draw them in.  At age 6, Bill had a tonsillectomy in 1952 and by 1984, he had a left knee ligament strain.  Early in his career, he had problems with allergies, hoarseness and acid reflux disease.  In 1995, Clinton had a probable sebaceous cyst removed from his chest and in 1996, a precancerous growth was removed from his nose. Later, in 2001, he had the removal of a basal cell cancer from his back. After exposure of Clinton’s White House sexual antics, he announced a self-prescribed treatment course: periodic meetings with three clergymen to obtain guidance for his return to marital rectitude.”

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