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“Howes’ Illnesses of the Famous: Abraham Lincoln”

Abraham Lincoln was our sixteenth president, serving from 1861-1865, but he didn’t always have things easy, especially as it related to his health.  As a child, Lincoln was  taller than most and he ultimately reached 6 feet 4 inches.  When he was nine years old, a horse nearly fatally kicked him in the forehead, rendering him unconscious for several hours.  In another childhood accident, Lincoln nearly drowned in a creek but a friend saved him with a sycamore branch.  The debate has not been settled as to whether Lincoln had Marfan’s syndrome but DNA testing has not been done.  As a young adult, he was well-muscled but was also described as “thin as a beanpole and ugly as a scarecrow.”  He was flat footed and weighed 180 pounds.  Authors and scholars argue as to whether Lincoln ever had “multiple endocrine neoplasia (cancer).”

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