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“Habits that Pack On Pounds”

An estimated 45 million Americans go on some sort of diet each year. The path to weight loss is rife with surprise twists and turns. Most weight-loss advice focuses on improving your diet and getting more exercise. These strategies are effective, but they’re also arguably difficult to turn into long-term habits. Here are some harmless health habits that might actually be causing you to pack on the pounds and push your health goals out of reach. Eating Off A Large Plate. For better portion control, use a smaller dish, experts say. Study participants with larger bowls ate 31% more ice cream on average than those with smaller bowls. Furthermore, participants with larger spoons served themselves 14.5% more ice cream than those with smaller spoons, regardless of bowl size. When selecting plates from the buffet line, patrons with an estimated higher body mass index (BMI) were more likely to select larger plates than patrons with estimated lower BMIs. Drinking Diet Soda. Soft drinks made with artificial sweeteners, like aspartame and saccharin, may help you feel like you’re dodging a sugary bullet, but these beloved beverages have health repercussions.

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