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“Green Coffee Bean Extract Study Raises Doubts”

Dr. Mehemet Oz said green coffee bean extract pills (GBCE) are “a miracle fat burner” and “one of the most important discoveries made” in weight loss science.  But, now we find that GBCE can not even slim down fat mice.  Weight loss and dieting history has been riddled with false claims and hyperbolic marketing campaigns.  Such history is also peppered with broken dreams and littered with failed concoctions and potions.  Some claim all you have to do is pay your money and take the “magic pills.”  GCBE is produced by grinding up raw, unroasted coffee, and then soaking the result in alcohol to pull out the so-called magical antioxidants.  Coffee beans contain hundreds of components, such as caffeine, chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans, and trigonelline, each of which may have potential and independent pharmacological effects.  Chlorogenic acids are the major group of phenolic compounds found in coffee and the alleged active constituents in various weight loss supplements.

2013 07-07 Green Coffee Bean Extract Study Raises Doubts