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“Flu Vaccines Have A Poor History”

Here we go again with the push to get flu vaccinations.  Deliberate misinformation and confusion is everywhere.  As before, I have cautioned folks about being misled to believe that the vaccine will give them 100% protection.  I pointed out the conclusion of the respected Cochrane Collaboration group, who came to the alarming findings on the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines and stated that it was “basically worthless.”  Even when studies “matched” vaccines to the viral strain (which is uncommon) 97% of those injected received no benefit.  Additionally, vaccinations had “no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates.”  The CDC has been incorrectly “estimating,” that there are more than 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 estimated deaths from influenza annually in the U.S..  According to Dr. Mercola, “Since 1940, the highest number of influenza deaths recorded in a single year was 21,047 deaths in 1941. In fact, the mortality rate from influenza was NOT rising in the late 20th century – as the CDC employees have alleged – it was dropping. There were only between 600 and 750 influenza deaths recorded annually between 1995 and 1997.

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