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“Ebola Is One Big Deadly Question Mark”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the Ebola virus epidemic is out of control, while America’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues to reassure all that they  have the knowledge and expertise to contain the virus and successfully care for its victims.  Is this the same CDC which just last week made a blunder with the swine flu virus or that made another boo boo in January of 2014 with a deadly anthrax sample?  Is this the same CDC which also states that there is no known “cure” for Ebola and that current modes of treatment are experimental only?  Headlines this week stated, “Ebola outbreak widens in Nigeria; Liberia cases top 1,000; Experts fear “shadow zones.”  African press tells of “alarming new cases” and of a widening circle of people sickened beyond the immediate group of caregivers who treated a dying airline passenger.  WHO gives new totals of 2,615 cases with 1,427 deaths. There are now “shadow zones” where people fearing authorities won’t let doctors enter, which strongly suggests the existence of an invisible caseload of patients who are not being detected by the surveillance system.

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