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“Drug Company Corruption You Won’t Believe”

Pharmaceutical companies have egregiously participated in one hundred years of sleazy practices and continue to do so.  They withhold unfavorable data (negative studies) on profitable drugs and fail to file timely reports on safety and effectiveness, sometimes for years.  Avandia, Celebrex, Zyprexia and Vioxx come to mind.  They hire “investigators” and consultants to produce questionable favorable studies and have them published in journals to legitimize their exalted and mellifluous claims.  But, according to a 2013 article in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (JLME), here is the heart of the problem: about 350 people die daily from drug reactions or 128,000 per year.  A huge collection of studies and lawsuits already documents strategies by which pharmaceutical companies hide, ignore, or misrepresent evidence about new drugs; distort the medical literature; and misrepresent products to prescribing physicians.

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