“Cholesterol: Good HDL Cholesterol Does Not Prevent All Heart Attacks”

As cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) sales continue to soar, so does overall confusion. Drug companies aggressively market these block buster drugs to allegedly save you from hardening of the arteries by raising so-called “good cholesterol (HDL)” and lowering supposedly “bad cholesterol (LDL).”  Years back, Pfizer’s drug, tocetrapib, raised “good cholesterol” and lowered “bad cholesterol” but did not slow the progression of plaque buildup and it significantly raised blood pressure and increased the risk of death. Thus, Pfizer abandoned it. The body needs cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, enzymes that digest food and it is an integral part of cell membranes and nerve-cell structure. Even though drug manufacturers are determined to “statinize” the planet with cholesterol lowering medications, there is some scientific evidence that higher cholesterol levels can be linked to varied health and survival benefits.  In February 2010, the FDA broadened Crestor’s market by about 6 million more people, including healthy people, as the result of the Crestor maker’s study.

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