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“Cholesterol: Can High Levels have Benefits?”

Even though drug manufacturers are determined to “statinize” the planet with cholesterol lowering medications, there is some scientific evidence that higher cholesterol levels can be linked to varied health and survival benefits.  In 2004, the Harvard Heart Letter stated, “Advice on cholesterol tackles a contentious question in heart disease: How low should cholesterol levels go?  For people who have had heart attacks or are at very high risk of having one, the answer is: Lower than before and almost as low as possible. The same thing doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone else. If a low, low LDL is good for one group, wouldn’t it be just as good for everyone else? Maybe, maybe not. There isn’t good science to support such a one-size-fits-all recommendation. Equally important, the cost of driving down cholesterol to basement levels – in terms of money, effort, and side effects – might not be worth the payoff for relatively healthy people.”

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