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“Cancer Cell Types Vary in Lethality”

Cancer remains the leading cause of death in the United States. The National Cancer Institute estimates that doctors will diagnose 1,735,350 new cases across the US in 2018 and that 609,640 people will die from cancer in this year.  To understand the difference in outlook between cancer types, researchers often use a statistic called the 5-year survival rate.  This figure refers to the percentage of people who survive for 5 years after the diagnosis of cancer.  Detecting and treating the disease at an early stage can significantly improve a person’s outlook.  The 5-year survival rate does not indicate whether or not treatment has removed all signs of cancer, but it is useful for comparing the relative severity of different types of cancer.  It is important to remember that many other factors influence survival, such as how early the cancer was detected. The cancers with the highest 5-year relative survival rates include melanoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, breast, prostate, testicular, cervical, and thyroid cancer.

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