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“Antioxidant Supplements: Do They Fight Cancer?”

Antioxidant supplement advertisers make false claims that these dietary supplements can fight cancer.  However, new research suggests antioxidants do nothing to prevent the disease, and might actually increase a person’s cancer risk.  Even Nobel Prize recipient, Dr. James Watson, has said that antioxidant have likely caused more cancers than they have cured.  In my 2012 book, Antioxidants Linked To Deadly Unintended Consequences, I pointed out the many harmful effects of overloading on dietary antioxidant supplements.  I presented over 500 scientific reports showing the ineffectiveness of common antioxidants and of these, over 170 studies showed harmful effects.  I discussed seven crucial oxidative pathways, including pathogen protection, cancer protection, wound healing, energy production, detoxification, immunity and cellular signaling, which can be blocked or interfered with by “antioxidant stacking or overkill.” Thus, it is a no-brainer that antioxidant overload can cause inadvertent harmful maladies and also cause increased risk of death (overall mortality).

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