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“Antioxidant Pushers Tell Another Whopper”

A new 2012 study stated, “Eating a diet high in antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to two-thirds.”  But, don’t believe it.  This study is an observational study and can only make suggestions and it can not produce a cause and effect connection.  In short, this study proves nothing.  In contrast, in 2010, these same authors published a paper in the journal Gut, showing “No significant associations were found for the dietary intakes of either vitamin C or selenium, in the development of pancreatic cancer.”  Yet, antioxidant pushers, such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil continue the hawk antioxidants with reckless abandon.  Vitamins have become a global mega-business, worth an estimated £43 billion ($67.6 billion USD) today.  To help combat the lies, a new book, The Health Delusion, written by Aidan Goggins, a pharmacist, and Glen Matten, both of whom have masters degrees in nutritional medicine, was recently published. 

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