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“Alzheimer’s Disease Possibly Linked to a Virus”

Close to six million people suffer with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and a new case is diagnosed every 70 seconds.  Despite years of research, the underlying cause of AD is up for debate and unknown.  Dr Richard Isaacson, director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, talks about the contagion theory of Alzheimer’s disease.  Could Alzheimer disease be caused by an infection? Some very interesting research calls into question the precise etiology of Alzheimer’s disease.  Physicians and scientists have been taught for decades that amyloid causes Alzheimer’s disease.  Although that may be true, different people may take different roads to developing the disease.  Some people may be on the metabolic road; for example, having diabetes increases the Alzheimer’s disease risk two-fold. What about hormones and the menopause transition?  Women are in the fast lane for acquiring AD.

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