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“Alcohol: Does It protect The Heart ?”

Even though alcohol consumption is known to cause various types of cancer, it is rumored that it protects the heart (cardioprotective).  But, is that true?  It appears that alcohol is a double-edged sword, according to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal.  Most people have heard of the “French paradox,” which indicated in observational studies that, the French, who had the highest alcohol intake (particularly of wine), also had the lowest incidence of cardiovascular disease.  Folks saw this as a “free pass” condoning alcohol consumption, especially wine, but they ignored the “small print” that cautioned against alcohol consumption as a measure to prevent heart disease.  Confusingly, the evidence showing lower risks for diabetes mellitus, stroke, heart failure, and total mortality stand in stark contrast to the harms associated with excessive alcohol consumption.  The ideal pattern seems to be daily low- to moderate-dose alcohol intake (preferably red wine) before or during the evening meal, which is associated with the strongest reduction in adverse cardiovascular outcomes.  Now, here’s the bad news.

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