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“A 2013 Antioxidant Update”

I have been writing about and researching antioxidants for decades.  Not only do they not help prevent cancer, heart disease and strokes but they produce just the opposite effect by increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes.  Also, contrary to advertisements and TV supplement pitch man, Dr. Oz, they appear to decrease the life span.  In fact, Melinda Wenner Moyer has published an article entitled, The Myth of Antioxidants, in the February, 2013 issue of Scientific American, in which she points out the work of a number of scientific investigators who had trouble believing their own research because it showed that antioxidants decreased the life span of experimental animals (mice and worms) and that increased oxidative stress (free radicals) increased their longevity.  Other investigators have shown the same decrease in life span of humans who take excessive amounts of antioxidants, especially vitamin E.  Moyer states, “If these results are confirmed, they may suggest that taking antioxidants in the form of vitamins or other supplements can do more harm than good in otherwise healthy individuals.”

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